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A drabble I wrote for open_on_sunday has been nominated for an award over at rwsawards.


The fic is here: (tinged with B/G)

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subtext / what the...who?

I have been excitedly looking forward to this!

Head on over to the wooooonderful summer_of_giles community and read my two humble offerings... and be sure to check out the many great contributions happening DAILY over there.

Meta: Buffy at 32, The Buffy/Giles Ship

FIC: After It Was Over (3 parts/complete)

WOOT! Giles!bgislove

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what the...who?
a little contribution while I try to get my mojo going for Summer of Giles!

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meaningless sounds: Eurythimics, Why

what the...who?
Characters: Giles & Angel
Timeline: An epilogue to BtVS Season 4’s “The Yoko Factor”
Rating: FRT
Summary: After the events of “The Yoko Factor,” Giles goes out for a nightcap. He runs into the person he’d least like to see, and the one who just might understand him the most.
Word Count: 1500
Distribution: For the dreamwidth “Big Damn Love Fest 2013.” All other have permission to publish if credit given.
Disclaimer: Joss created. I make them happier, or use them to make me happier.


See the master list & to celebrate your favourite episodes!

It was a dark and drunken night...Collapse )

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11 rapidly become text / what the...who?


See the master list & celebrate your favourite episodes!

Disclaimer: Drabbles rated FRC. No profit is made from the use of these (loved & lauded) characters.

Look Down On Me
Anya & Tara, in the bathroom

It did have nice tile, but not nice enough to override—“

“This is rude,” Anya said, her voice shattering Tara’s thoughts, and echoing them.

“Sh-should we… leave?”

“No.” Anya said, and her hand moved to Tara’s.

“I’m tired of always feeling like an outsider around the precious Scoobies,” she said.

Tara swallowed. “It is hard to… feel like a part of them.”

“They look down on me. And you. We should do our own thing.”

Tara looked to where Anya sat. “I’m looking down on you, now.” Her voice was soft, her hand clenching.

“Well, that’s not so bad.”

Crème Brulee
Riley & Xander, somewhere after the arguing & before Adam

“What are you doing here?”

“Felt bad. Brought you different clothes.”

Riley was overwhelmed by the kindness. He took a deep breath.


“How is it that she is surrounded by nice guys and spends all her energy on that prick?”

“I’m kinda glad I *don’t* know.”

Riley was already pulling on the black sweats, grateful.

“Look, the Buffy/Angel thing, it’s… well, it sucks, but maybe it’s more complicated than I—“

“I saw him,” Riley said. “Pretty simple, if you ask me. Call a souled demon what you want, but crème brulee is just a pile of burnt stuff.”

The Two
Giles & Willow, post argument

Tara managed to stay silent in the background, even after Xander huffed out the door with Anya haughtily behind.

Willow stormed upstairs.

“’Bloody hell?’ That’s all you have to say?”

“When did I say that?” came a muffled voice.

“Tara. And me. You said…”



He had dragged himself to a sitting position. “I am just the funny drunk. The retired librarian. Crusty Alfred. Who cares what I say about your love life… or anything?”

She sighed and lingered in the room for one moment longer, wishing for a simpler time that maybe never existed. “I still do.”

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